Why This Pandemic Is the Perfect Time to Start an Internship!

During this time of uncertainty, two things are for sure: COVID-19 has flipped the world on its head, and it’s not going to disappear anytime soon.

Thousands of students have suffered due to this and have had to cancel future plans, lose their internships, and experienced some setbacks for the future they had planned for themselves.

2020 may be a “lost year” on many people’s resumes, but it certainly doesn’t have to be on yours. With a virtual internship, you can practice working remotely and build digital literacy skills that employers will value even more after the pandemic.

Following are a few reasons why, you should use this pandemic to your advantage and start interning now itself:

1) Productive usage of time:

While it is important to stay home and maintain social distancing during this pandemic, most of us students would much rather spend our time re-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S or start a movie marathon (Just a reminder: Check out our blog if you are out of ideas for a movie. Trust me, we have some fun suggestions for you). As fun as that might be, dedicating a few hours of your day towards an internship will do wonders for you and your future. You’ll gain immense experience and knowledge of the professional environment. You will also be at a huge advantage as you are basically gaining experience to work during a pandemic. Since COVID has revolutionized the way the professional world functions and has redefined the term ‘office’, you will be well prepared when the time comes for you to bag a full-time job.

2) Translate skills into your classroom and academics:

Assignments especially during this pandemic are reputed to be tedious and reaching a certain deadline for an assignment can send shivers up anybody’s spine. After spending a semester or two at home instead of completing it on campus, this tedious and daunting cloud can grow bigger, killing your motivation.

Interning from home helps to usher you into the light. It allows you to see how negotiating a group project transforms into terrific management skills. It allows you to test out the theories taught in your class and improve your communication, interpersonal skills, adaptability, punctuality, receptiveness, and management skills.

3) Networking:

Maybe you feel unsafe working in an office right now, maybe you live with someone who’s immunocompromised, or maybe you just want to try out remote work before pursuing it full-time after graduation. Regardless of your situation, virtual internships are a great way to build professional connections and network in your industry without leaving the comfort and safety of your home.

Internships keep you in touch regularly and keeps your contact in line you’re your accomplishments and professional journey. Open the lines of communication early, and adapt your elevator pitch to match where you are at, and what your latest goals are. On completion of your internship, try thanking your colleagues and all those you were influenced by, and try staying in touch with them. This will increase your networking and the likelihood that they will assist you in the future.

4) Grow your portfolio:

COVID-19 will likely have severe and lasting effects on the economy. If there are fewer job prospects upon graduation, the work experience that you have will be even more important – especially if you can demonstrate that you work well remotely. Gone are the days where you can graduate with a degree and find a job easily. Employers have been looking for relevant work experience for years now, and this trend will only continue to increase. Be it a presentation you gave, an article you wrote, a campaign you worked on, a design you created, interning gives you tangible evidence to showcase your work to future employers.

5) Learn soft skills which you otherwise can’t in your classroom:

There are certain skills that can only be learned through hands-on practical work which is not taught in the classroom. They’re practiced, not preached. These skills are called soft skills which include emotional intelligence, reading people, patience, intuition, risk management, problem-solving, and common sense. Moreover, this pandemic is the perfect opportunity to train yourself to work from home. This is the perfect time to learn soft skills like working under pressure, maintaining mental composure and also the ability to be efficient in difficult times through virtual internships.

6) Gain feedback on your strengths and weaknesses:

The best way to grow and learn about yourself is to take constructive criticism on board. You learn a lot about yourself through the feedback given to you by your managers and colleagues which helps you grow into a better person. Use feedback as a way to strengthen your attributes so that you’re an even stronger candidate at the end of your course. However, you need to remind yourself that you’re still in the learning process and feedback is just an inevitable part of it- not something to feel hurt about.

7) An unforgettable life experience:

An internship is the only opportunity for you to get a look inside the company you’ve dreamt of as an aspiring graduate. Since this is a period of global revolution, the economy and the professional world is bound to change. Bagging a professional internship now is a great learning experience that prepares you for the future which is now very difficult to predict. Internships now also provide the opportunity to get a grasp on how your chosen industry will change in the future. You’ll be exposed to the day-to-day workings of employees in that industry, and get a glimpse into what your future might look like if you chose to work in that industry.

8) Earn a salary:

Probably the most practical advantage of interning during this pandemic is making money. If you start earning a stipend, you will not have to rely much on your parents’ money whilst staying at home. This can also be helpful as you now have enough money to swiggy that pizza home, instead of relying on your parents to do so. You can also start putting this money to use in productive ways such as investments. Check out our previous post to know the advantages of investing early in your life. Earning while you gain experience is a no-brainer. It helps you economically to meet your immediate needs while edging closer to your end goal.

While many TV shows portray interns as tasked only with fetching coffee, mail, and sandwiches, in reality, 1) The pandemic has eliminated the possibility of this happening and 2) internships offer a whole lot more. The knowledge you gain from the experience will be of tremendous value and set you on your way to your future career. You never know, that internship you land while you sit on the bed and eat a pizza could be the golden ticket that takes you up the glass elevator with Mr. Willy Wonka to your future career.

Stay home, stay safe, remember to regularly sanitise your hands and maintain social distancing. Happy virtual interning!

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