Top 10 Tips on How to Be a Winner at Work

When Monday comes around, do you groan? Isn’t it true that no one appreciates the start of the week? Do the millions of individuals throughout the world who look forward to Mondays have lousy jobs? With all of the drama, rivalries, office politics, and uninspiring settings that many of us encounter at work, perhaps we truly have bad jobs, or perhaps we need to think about things differently.

In today’s Blend Blogs, we’ll look at 10 suggestions to help you become a total winner at work:

1. Be Focused

Concentrate on what you want to accomplish. Every day when you go to work, keep your life objectives in mind. Are you looking for a raise or a promotion? Are you putting money aside for a down payment on a home? Do you have any plans to create a family? Concentrate on the future, and you’ll be less preoccupied with small grievances and gossip.

2. Stay Calm

It’s natural to become irritated by people at work in such a tight atmosphere, but if this happens, never resort to confrontation; it never ends well. You’re just human, so tempers will flare, but try to maintain your composure. Don’t let a tiny unprofessional outburst spoil your reputation or your chances for advancement. In tense circumstances, step away, get a sip of water, and take a break, but don’t lose your cool.

In the same line, don’t use sarcasm or political maneuvering to vent your frustrations on the individual who has irritated you.

3. Craft Your Identity

At work, what do you want to be recognized for? What value can you add to the organization that no one else can? What do you hope to achieve for the company? What do you want to do with your life? Create your unique personality at work, one that is not only genuine but also confident in your chosen specialization, tenacious in your job, and inventive with new ideas.

4. Don’t Waste Time

Every circumstance in life changes and the same can be said for companies. Things can go wrong and vacations are cut short or income is frozen, but don’t waste time whining about things you can’t change. Be optimistic and resolve not to waste time or energy whining about things you can’t change.

5. Set Goals

We can all improve on several aspects of our lives. You won’t become a winner if you settle for mediocrity. Commit to being far better than ordinary. Set a goal for yourself to be in the top 10% of your company’s performance. Pay attention to performance reports and develop your development strategy.

6. Become an Effective Communicator

It has long been claimed that individuals who can successfully communicate have an advantage in business and life. Decide to become one of your coworkers’ finest communicators. Good communicators are skilled at using eye contact, body language, and voice tone, as well as selecting the appropriate words. In every contact, challenge yourself to speak out and to be kind and nice.

7. The Big Picture

If you want to be successful at work, you must be able to see the larger picture. Would you spend time whining in the lunchroom about the new dress code if you had your boss’s job? Learn more about the organization’s operations, the reasons for specific actions, and what makes it tick.

8. Stay Organized

You’re certain to despise your job if you go to work every day waiting to be told what to do, watching the clock, and wishing for home time. Instead, commit to going to work with a purpose every day.

Make a list of what you want to accomplish and offer suggestions for how to improve things at work. Make a conscious effort.

9. Think of Both Sides

This will need you to choose to compromise, not to give in, but to weigh all of your alternatives and pick a course that will benefit not only you, but everyone involved. It’s a two-way street. If you commit to working on this every day, you will earn a reputation as a fair-minded person and a skilled negotiator. You’ll discover that you get a lot more than if you were selfishly battling for your benefit.

10. Keep your Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a difficult attribute to come by. Many of us only display it in response to exciting events, while others never do, and yet others appear to emanate it from inside. A passionate person has a winning mentality. They prefer to see the positive aspects of every situation. Even in the most trying of circumstances, they know how to produce energy and positive feelings. Commit to become an enthusiastic person today.


Being a winner requires a change in mentality. However easy that may sound, in practicality it is a very difficult thing to accomplish. It requires a strong will to better yourself and an unrelenting attitude towards hard work and consistency. The tips above will help you build on these aspects and become a consistent winner!


John Xavier


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