Tips for Working While on Vacation

Approximately two-thirds of workers are unable to disconnect from their jobs when on vacation. According to a recent Glassdoor study, 66 percent of US employees acknowledged engaging in some work-related activity while on vacation.

This necessity to work, however, does not prevent individuals from traveling. According to the same report, the overall number of travelers is unchanged from the previous year.

Workers are giving up a few hours of their vacation rather than their whole vacation to go to work. Given that this tendency does not appear to be abating, here are some suggestions for being productive (while yet remaining comfortable) throughout your vacation:

Don't Over-Commit

In other words, don’t take on more work than you’ll be able to do while you’re away. Before you go on your trip, be prepared to discuss any possible job choices with your supervisor.

Make Things Easier Before You Leave

If at all feasible, perform some extra work that you know will be required while you are away. Have someone else at the firm available to assist or answer questions if a coworker requires assistance.

Leave an Out-Of-Office Message

Leaving an out-of-office message on your phone and email may be both useful and professional.

Set Aside a Particular Time to React to Emails

If you need to work every day while on vacation, schedule a specific time to respond to those emails.

Spend Less Time on the Computer

Another advantage of setting out time for email answers is that you will spend less time on your laptop. Instead of getting caught up in the specifics of each communication, skim over your texts quickly. Only reply to those that are more important.

Keep a Notebook and Pen in the Area

Taking a break from work will help you clear out some of the cobwebs that can accumulate over time. You can have an epiphany or come up with a fresh job concept after emptying your head. A notebook in the room might help you recall that thought when you go back.

Don't Talk About Work

You’ve taken a break from your monotonous job. Don’t bring the that tense conversation to the beach or a foreign place you’re visiting.

Check in With Work to Clear Your Mind

Send a brief message or call if you feel driven to do so. A quick check-in might help you relax and enjoy your vacation more.


Even with these suggestions, don’t work until it’s required. It’s tempting to get a head start on work while on vacation, but not at the expense of your vacation. We all know how helpful it is to leave your phone at home when traveling, and doing the same at work can only help you relax. It may be possible to forget about the laptop or tablet at home if you have that phone with you.

Checking into work may make your vacation much more difficult, and you may end yourself wasting a whole day attempting to resolve a business situation. You’ll have to make some changes at first, but keep in mind that to get the most out of your trip, you’ll need to leave a few items at home.


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