Professional Refinement Programme

The CHAAK Professional Refinement Program, is a platform for you as students, to develop and work on your soft skills in order to sculpt yourself into a perfect professional!

Our program equips you with the 75 Personal and Professional skills needed in the 21st Century and hones them to perfection. Added to that, we also:

Chaak 2 Hour Masterclass

Our 2-hour Masterclasses are held every Saturday and Sunday, where we will be covering a plethora of skills each month where we delve deep into the tiniest intricacies that each skill possesses in order for you to incorporate and perfect these skills into your arsenal.

Each weekend covers a set of skills that go hand in hand with each other, providing you a fluid transition from one skill to the next which also develops your understanding of that particular skill-set.

We cover skills like:

English Speaking and Communication:

We all know English speaking and the ability to communicate what you think is one of the most sought-after skills today. However, we make this easier for you by offering you special insights and hacks that will help you master these skills with ease!

Problem Solving and Decision making:

We all encounter problems in life. What sets you apart is your approach towards facing those problems. With us, you will learn how you can tackle any kind of problems through taking right decisions with ease and efficiency!

Networking and Teamwork:

These two skills are the major factors for you to escalate to better positions in your professional life. Efficient networking leads to new opportunities and the ability to work well in a team further propels your connections and success in life!

Apart from these skills, we cover many other 21st Century skills that you need which will transform you into the perfect professional of the future!

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Upcoming Events

Chaak Master Class Starts At 11:00 AM On Respective Schedule

Master Class Date

Problem Solving

6th November 2021

Decision Making

7th November 2021


13th November 2021


14th November 2021


20th November 2021


21st November 2021


27th November 2021


28th November 2021

Learn the Art of Problem Solving

Looking for a place to improve the Problem Solving skills?
You are at the right place! Learn easy and fun ways to equip yourself with powerful Problem Solving skills.

Date: October 16th 2021

Learn the Art of Decision Making

Looking for a place to improve your Decision Making Skills?
You are at the right place! Learn easy and fun ways to equip yourself with powerful Decision Making Skills.

Date: October 17th 2021

Be The Master of Both Problem Solving & Decision Making

What makes ordinary people extraordinary?
The answer is a little EXTRA.
Chaak MasterClass Pro gives you access to both Problem Solving & Decision Making masterclass along with an exclusive 20% off!

Date : October 16th & 17th 2021


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