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The majority of individuals grow up dreaming of attending college and graduating with high-paying job offers. Others may prefer non-traditional job opportunities, but the goal remains the same: to find a career that we enjoy, with pay that is appropriate with expertise.

Plans though, might change. For example, you may be facing layoffs from your current company and are concerned about “other alternatives.” Changing jobs can happen for a variety of reasons, both deliberate and inadvertent. What’s important is that you’re well-prepared, and the only way to accomplish that is to develop new talents and focus on your transferrable abilities. 

Here is how you can work on your transferable skills:

1) Update your Resume:

When considering a job change, the first thing you should do is highlight qualities that make you highly appealing to companies.

Mention your volunteer work, freelancing jobs and school assignments. Despite their insignificance, they indicate your capacity to produce the results that numerous firms need.

While you may have worked in a variety of jobs after college, moving fields will necessitate a new resume.

2) Sharpen your communication skills:

capacity to be seen and heard while respecting the boundaries of a professional relationship is vital, whether it is interpersonal, intercultural or multigenerational.

Pay attention to how well you listen. To communicate successfully, you must first master the ability of understanding people.

It’s crucial to know how to decipher overt and implicit messages, no matter how intricate they are, to develop strong relationships with people.

3) Learn technical (business) writing:

Written memos, emails, newsletters, and other audio-visual techniques are used extensively by businesses. At the heart of it all, though, is someone or a group of individuals responsible for translating the organization’s goal into terms that anybody can comprehend.

Consider taking some classes, either for free or paid. You may also do this from the comfort of your own home using online services such as Coursera, Udemy, and Lynda.

4) Practice Public Speaking and Presentation:

No one will take you seriously, no matter how clever you are, if you are unable to persuade others with your presentation skills.

It’s possible that your chosen job may need you to speak in front of hundreds of people or that you’ll be in charge of producing presentation materials.

Volunteer to lead initiatives that will allow you to take part in the creation of presentations.

If you believe your public speaking abilities are inadequate, consider enrolling in a course to enhance them.

5) Tap into your team building ability:

Your ability to transition seamlessly depends on your ability to motivate your team, especially if you’re striving for a leadership position. Unfortunately, unless you work in management, team-building isn’t something you learn on the job in most jobs.

Changing careers may need you to work with diverse teams, whether or not you have a thorough understanding of what the other team does. Look for collaborative projects and team-building activities that pique your interest and push you to try new things.

6) Lean into your leadership skills:

Building teams, monitoring timesheets, and addressing conduct are just a few examples of leadership abilities. The allusion here is to your capacity to create a vision, believe in it, and get everyone on board with it. It’s not about understanding how to operate a piece of certain equipment; it’s about leading a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives on how things should be done.

7) Don’t stop learning tech knowledge and skills:

It’s a major benefit if you’re tech-savvy. It is a transferrable talent worth emphasizing if you have a love for computers, software programs, and are up to date on technological advancements.

All you need is the desire to learn and the willingness to put in the effort.

8) Build networks and relationships:

Your networking abilities will come in helpful while you work toward your goal of changing careers. Fortunately, networking does not have to be difficult.

Attend seminars and job fairs. Chances are you already have people in your network who can move you closer to your dream career. We have our very own platform called BlendTalks where people come and share their intellectual expertise. Come be a part of it, as it could grant you access to network with highly skilled individuals who could be a great asset for your goals.

Bonus tip:

Check out our CHAAK Program. CHAAK is our training program that empowers young professionals like yourselves with 75 skills to improve your personal and professional lives and pave your path to success. This can be a great opportunity for you to improve upon your transferable skills and be prepared for any situation in the future. Do visit our website www.blendglobal.in for further information! 


Even if numerous individuals have the same credentials and degrees as you, your aptitude is ultimately determined by a variety of factors including cultural fit, teachability, cultural sensitivity, intergenerational awareness, and your ability to handle ambiguity.

You have the opportunity to stand out by explaining how these soft talents make you an important asset and how saying “YES” to you is a win-win situation for both sides!


John Xavier


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