Importance of Professional Development in Workplace

In a rapid changing and increasingly competitive society, the importance of continuing professional development and learning is not something that can be overemphasized. 

At a time when perspective, technical innovations and ideas are making rapid progress, continuing to improve and strengthen your skill set is a crucial component of success in any profession.

What is Professional development?

Professional development refers to all the training, certification and education that an employee needs in order to be successful in his or her career. It’s not a myth that different jobs require different skills. 

Even if an employee currently has the skills needed, he or she may need additional skills in the future. Through professional development, employees can learn these skills in order to become better, more efficient employees.

Importance of Professional Development?

Beyond the benefits of additional job training, professional development enhances the value of employees and ensures that they remain relevant to their careers, said Steve Smith, founder and CEO of GrowthSource Coaching.

Professional development may also involve employees becoming certified in a field that complements their current position. According to Forbes, 94 % of employers feel that training and skills are critical, and 71 % of employees feel that they must continue to develop new skills to meet the needs of their position.

Continuing professional development is a win-win situation. It provides an enormous benefit to employees and also enables them to improve their own skills and experience.

1. Increase Retention

At a time when more and more employers are cutting costs for opportunities such as training, your organization can capture the attention by offering and promoting a variety of professional development options.

Providing professional development shows your employees that you care about their career growth and are interested in keeping them in your organization on a long-term basis.

According to Fobes, a business with an engaged workforce will achieve a 59% lower staff turnover rate.

2. Training Future Leaders

The growth of an individual during his or her time in a position may have a significant impact on his or her career.Targeting skills and employees for future leadership will help to set up a business for growth and change.

Acquiring leadership talent can start from the initial acquisition, or Human Resources experts can choose current staff as managerial candidates.

3. Build Confidence and Credibility

No one likes to feel that they lack essential skills in their jobs. Providing professional development training programs helps the employees to create trust in the work they do. It also helps them build credibility as they strive to learn new skills and qualifications.

4. Increase Workplace Engagement

Boredom in the workplace may trigger feelings of dissatisfaction and negative working habits. Regular development initiatives will avoid idleness in the workplace.

Frequent training programs can also allow for quick re-evaluation of staff, abilities and processes. Training and development will also influence the working culture of the company.

5. Give Employees a Voice

Professional development goals open up lines of communication and provide employees with a platform to explain their long term vision. They may be interested in developing specific skills, learning how their work affects other departments, or adopting new technologies that could help their performance.

According to Forbes, Employees who feel their voice heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to do their best work.


A company that invests in continuing professional development and learning is a company that invests in its future.

The advantages and importance of professional growth act as a domino effect; leaders feel competent and can effectively influence employee performance; happy and skilled employees build job satisfaction, loyalty and thus retention; enhancement of the workforce and participation impact overall profits.

John Xavier


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