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How You Can Prepare to Move Out and Live Alone

Are you worried about the problems of moving out to live alone? But at the same time mesmerized by the idea of getting to dance around naked with no one to scold you? Us too, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Here’s everything that’ll help you to be ready a 100% for when you move out.

1) Pick a well-located place

Make sure your new place is in a convenient location, close to your workplace/ institution/university, and cut down on travel time and expenses. But also keep in mind to check for a hospital/clinic, a pharmacist, a convenience store, and some good restaurants (for when you’re too lazy to cook)

2) List of necessities

Keep in mind how you want to live 🙂 get a separate list of things you need to buy immediately like, 

  • Bed and pillows,
  • Kitchenware
  • Mugs,
  • Food ration

And another list for stuff that can wait like furniture like sofa, chairs, study table 

or curtains and appliances like a refrigerator or microwave and other needs.

3) Make a set budget

If you earn your salary, you should save about half of it and if you’re a student who fights for allowance, this step is even more important, so much so that your lifestyle depends on it. Buy only necessities for the first week, get separate bills for utilities and food ration, thill will help in segregating your expenditure. Then make your budget, it should include

  • accommodation 
  • food
  • groceries 
  • utilities (like toilet paper)
  • traveling 

And miscellaneous (we all enjoyed the occasional pizza or beer, it sounds tedious but it gets fun when you get to allot some money for recreation because it’s also important to go out at times.  

4) You need to set up a routine

Moving to a new place can be emotionally taxing, especially when you do it for the first time, following a routine can help ease that stress considerably and not to mention, will help you manage your free time with better efficiency. Set times for all-important jobs. From you waking up till your dinner time. Unboxing stuff, assembling furniture, school/office work, cooking, shopping, arranging your belongings, and of course, some good ‘ol movie time are some things you need to keep in mind when setting your timetable.

Set times for all-important jobs. From you waking up till your dinner time.

5) Be mentally prepared

As said, moving out is a mentally taxing job and needs you to be well prepared, talk to your parents and plan out everything in advance, pick out places, travel plans, and how you’re going to proceed with shopping and eventually your lifestyle beforehand.

Talking to people who have already moved out helps and so does following these steps. Have your friends help you with moving and settling in, that will make it more fun and easier to take in. Visiting your new place and getting acquainted with your new neighbours works too.

6) Other tips

Here might be some things you would need, Get a toolkit that’ll help you with minor repairs without having to wait for your landlord. Keep a stock of snacks and easy to cook food that will easily be ready when you are home late or are just tired from moving, thank us later 😉

Check out good affordable laundry services in your area to finish your loads before you get your washing machine.


Now, my dear Mufasa, you are ready to step into the jungle of living alone and dance around naked in your room. Follow these steps and your moving out to independence will be smooth sailing :)))))


Siddharth Gandini


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