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Corporate Training

Why does your organisation need corporate training?

A successful company’s strategy always focuses on growth and development. This involves training and development of its employees. Employees should participate in corporate training on a regular basis in order to enhance their skills, which is paramount for your company’s progress.

Why We Are Unique:

The 9-step Training model:

Our 9-step model which spans over 21 days, ensures continuous growth in your employees. From the pre-training inputs, materials and assessments which prepares for the training execution; to the post- training analysis, mentorship and refresher courses, we ensure that your organisation is fully equipped with the best set of skills needed to scale miles ahead of its competition.

A Role-wise training path:

Our training paths give your employees the opportunity to hone a particular skill-set through which they are able to perform a specific role to perfection. While developing the program, we take the time to understand your organization's needs so that it’s the best fit for your vision. This also guarantees that your workers get the skills they need for their jobs.

A blend of training and technology:

As much as we realise the importance of a presentation, we know that it is an avenue that has been super-saturated training programs. Hence, we incorporate different methods and technology for training that help your workforce understand concepts and hone their skills in ways that have never been experienced before.

We can help you by:

Blend Global

We Serve Across All Sectors

Every industry is subject to rapid change. We help our clients to navigate risks and plan for the future by providing the top notch customized training programs to enhance people performance to succeed.

Are you looking for the best trained professionals, capable of training and upgrading your workforce to the next level? We have you covered.

Our trainers are carefully assessed and brought onboard our Blend fraternity through a thorough/meticulous/scrupulous process. This ensures that the highest training quality is delivered which is bound to play a major role in your organisation’s success.

Tired of Shelling out wads of money and yet not seeing any results?

Our Training management solutions (TMS) is just the answer to all your problems. With our corporate TMS, you can now manage all your trainings in one portal, effortlessly and efficiently.

Unlock your full potential with us.

Our programs are focused on developing multi-talented professionals capable of having a broad mindset that initiates change and develops a competitive advantage through effective training.

Our training programs are Bang for your Buck.

From the trainers, to the content, delivery and the technology that suits your requirement; you are a part of leading the training process. This ensures that your business performs at it’s best as every professional reaches their maximum potential.

Let Your Transformation Journey Begin.

If you are a corporate looking to improve your organizational performance and accelerate revenues, BlendGlobal is your go-to partner in success.

Get in touch with us now, and get prepared to reach excellence!

BLEND Gobal Learning and Development for people and enterprise transformation skills. Our panel with its global experience in crafting training programs focus on value and growth for our clients.

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