Coaching to Advance Humanity

Written By Dr.Pradeep Nerayunuri
d – Tata Steel Management Development Centre;
Visiting Faculty – IIM Ranchi

Dr.Pradeep Nerayunuri

Head – Tata Steel Management Development Centre;
Visiting Faculty – IIM Ranchi

Successfully navigating the post-pandemic world and becoming future-ready calls for striking a balance between economic well-being and human well-being. Balance means high on both – not one at the cost of the other. While we are reasonably good with strategies and approaches for the former and this seems to be an obvious thing to focus on, the latter is somewhat elusive and risks being ignored, despite its significance.

At the core, each one of us is a compassionate, caring human being who seeks out everyone’s well-being. Yet in a dynamic, hyper-competitive environment, such tendencies seem to have receded to the background and have almost become inaccessible for a lot of us. The evolution in human relationships has not kept pace with the rapid technological advancement that we must embrace to be progressive and successful from an economic standpoint. 

The paradox is that the more technologically-driven we become, the greater is the need for human connect, empathy and caring for sustaining success. Increasingly the key to happiness and fulfilment is being more compassionate, respectful and inclusive.

In the current context, it is imperative that we have Humane Leaders – who can nurture trust, empathy and collaboration in the workplace and the society at large. And the intent of Coaches must be to develop Humane Leaders and help people access and manifest the humanness within them. This is of course part of the broader mission of Coaching – to help people realize their true potential and become all that they can be. It fundamentally begins from a deep-seated belief and understanding that humans have immense potential, and that this potential can be realized by providing the right enabling conditions.

The role of Coaches in the current environment is:

In fulfilling the above roles successfully, Coaches themselves may undergo a journey of personal discovery and transformation. In fact, the more this happens, the more it will add to the value that one can create as a Coach.

Some of the important capabilities that successful Coaches will need to demonstrate are:

Coaching as a developmental approach can play a significant role in our journey to growing Humane Leaders and advancing humanity across the world. And Coaches are in fact uniquely positioned, given their purpose, philosophy and capabilities to play a key role in the current, unprecedented post-pandemic context. I would therefore urge all Coaches to rise to the occasion and contribute to the remarkable journey of advancing humanity that is ahead of us.

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