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Who We Are?

We are a 360-degree Capability Development Organisation, formulating and executing customized training programs aimed to

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What Makes Us Different?


Train & Forget

Usually, every other training company treats training as a one-time classroom activity. Once the training is over, what is taught is forgotten. Neither there is a focus on the application of what is learned. Nor there is a reinforcement of what is learned. So the money you spend on training goes down the drain.

The BLend Global

Train & Refresh

We engage with the participants even after the classroom training is over. We offer refresher content, assessment tests, and nurture participants through pre and post multimodal interventions, making sure they retain what is taught. This approach contributes to a holistic personal and professional development of the trainees. And thereby we assuredly provide a good ROI for your organization.


No Use Of Modern Technology

Few training companies make effective use of the latest technology.

The BLend Global

Up To Date With Modern Technology

We leverage the power of the latest technology to deliver effective training sessions. We use an LMS to ensure the training is conducted and delivered in a well- organized and seamless manner.


Lack Of Strong Trainer Base

You might need trainers for your content. But well-qualified, well-trained, and tech-savvy trainers are a rare find. Not all training companies boast a strong network of trainers to handle all your training requirements.

The BLend Global

Global Extensive Trainer Base

We have more than 1800-screened trainers from across the country. Whatever be your training requirements, we have got you covered thanks to our expert, tech- savvy trainers.


No Control Over The Training Cycle

For many training companies, training is a one-session activity. They don’t focus on the development areas of trainees or measure the end results.

The BLend Global

Complete 360-degree control over the training cycle

From understanding your goals and identifying trainees’ improvement areas to content development and training execution to offering training feedback and final assessment, we take complete care of your training needs. So that you can enjoy the results without any hassles.


Ineffective, Cookie-cutter, Training Sessions

Most training companies offer programs without an in-depth understanding of the personal and professional problems that the trainees face. The result? Their training programs fail to make an impact and deliver results.

The BLend Global

Effective, Customized Training Sessions

We identify the real problems of the trainees and customize our programs to make it effective and impactful.

What Makes Us Unbeatable?

Bottom Line Value Creation

Most trainers are subject matter experts. But when it comes to training through the digital mode, they fall short. That’s why, we train the trainers to conduct effective training sessions on the digital mode.

Post Training Return on Execution and Investment

We measure the effectiveness of the training programs. We conduct pre-program surveys and assessments to show the current status of the trainees. And then we also conduct post-training assessments and tests to show the effectiveness of the program.

Focus on Present Challenges and 'What Will Success Look Like'

We identify improvement areas for trainees through psychometric tests and surveys and then come up with customized intervention programs. So that their weaknesses are turned into strengths.

Trainer Screening and Conditioning

Each of our trainers is carefully handpicked after a rigorous selection process. Plus, they are well-trained, adapting them to new technologies. So you will not only get subject matter experts but tech-savvy trainers too!


What our customers say

Aruxcont is all about making a difference in our community through the work we do with our clients.

Let Your Transformation Journey Begin.

Whether you are a student aspiring to advance in your career, a trainer seeking a reliable and steady flow of clients or a corporate looking to improve your organizational performance and accelerate revenues, BlendGlobal is your go-to partner in success. 

Talented team

Meet our experts

We are a strong knit community of professionals committed to deliver growth and transformation for corporate and individual clients. 

Saurabh Banwar

Leadership Training Expert

Jasbir Singh Walia

Banking Systems Trainer

Kanchan Kulkarni

Marketing Specialist

Dr.Lata Suresh

Pedagogy & Transformation Expert

BLEND Gobal Learning and Development for people and enterprise transformation skills. Our panel with its global experience in crafting training programs focus on value and growth for our clients.

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